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Howard's Heart Supply Drive

Hygiene Essentials Supply Drive

May 5 - June 16

MPC is collecting hygiene essentials for Howard's Heart (, a local non-profit organization that serves teens in foster care. Though there are many items requested, MPC is focusing on collecting:

  • Full-size Shampoos (for a variety of hair types)

  • Full-size Conditioners (for a variety of hair types)

  • Toothbrushes

  • Full-size Toothpastes

  • Dental Floss

Teens in housing transition or just entering care sometimes arrive with just the clothes on their backs. Howard’s Heart collects basic hygiene products that are kept ready at local DHS offices, as well as in their 'store' where teens can pick their own supplies. They work to keep a mindful variety so teens can choose items that work for their own skin and hair types, their scent preferences, and their own unique needs. H.H. pledges to never assume to know what is best for a teen, and instead endeavors to always ask. Not all products work for all skin and hair types, and it would be insensitive and unhelpful to give the same products to every teen in need. This is why they work to gather a wide variety of products that teens want and request most.

Donations can go into the red barrel in the fellowship hall. The drive will run through Sunday, June 16th. Please reach out to Margie Bender or other Mission Committee members if you have any questions. 

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