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We currently offer a couple new ways to donate to various funds without using your checkbook. 

Oregon BottleDrop

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Oregon BottleDrop

We have set up a non-profit account with BottleDrop to create an easy way to help build the Youth Mission Fund. The easiest way to participate in this fundraiser is to pick up one of our blue BottleDrop bags at church, fill it with drink cans & bottles, and bring it back to the church. There is no individual counting needed; bags with our code are counted by BottleDrop and the deposits go straight into our Youth Mission Fund - about $6 per bag!

Some important things to know:

  • Do not crush your cans/bottles

  • Make sure cans/bottles are empty

  • Do not remove any labels or barcodes

  • Make sure the bag can close

  • Glass bottles are fine, but there is a 30 glass or 20lb limit

Alternatively, if you already have a BottleDrop account (with green bags), you can transfer funds to us online. Simply click this link and log in to your BottleDrop account. Once logged in, it will display our name and a short description of our Youth mission:

Multnomah Presbyterian Church - We have a youth group that participates in a week of community service in Skagway Alaska each year putting on a kids camp and youth activities. We would like to use bottle drop to help fund the travel for our students and supplies for the activities.

It will then ask how much you want to donate to Multnomah Presbyterian Church and display your current balance in bold. Type the amount you'd like to give and press the orange Donate Now button.

If you have any questions, contact Heather or check the BottleDrop FAQ.


Fred Meyer

Want to help us while you shop? MPC has signed up with Fred Meyer's Community Rewards program to help keep our building and grounds maintained as well as fund our local Missions work.

First step is to get a Fred Meyer rewards card, which is free in store. Then, create your digital account online. If you already have a Fred Meyer digital account, simply click this link and log in as normal.

Once logged in, you can start donating to us in 2 simple steps. You should see the screen below with the blue dot next to the Community Rewards tab.

Type "Multnomah Presbyterian" or "TN535" in the Find an Organization search bar and hit enter. The first result that appears should be us. Simply hit the Enroll button under our address in our box, and the site will refresh with this new text at the top, letting you know you successfully enrolled! 

Now the next time you shop at Fred Meyer, make sure you scan your rewards card (or enter your phone number at the register) and MPC will receive matched rewards.

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