MPC Regathering Update: September 25th, 2020

In response to the pandemic, the leadership of MPC has established a COVID-19 Response Team discern how our community will move forward in regard to issues of regathering. The members of the team are: Roy Magnusson (Elder), Davina Soumokil (Elder), Dennis Zerba (Elder), Ray McKean (Music Director), Barb Jones (Dove Preschool), and Rev. Danny Peters (Pastor). 


CLICK HERE to read the "Statement of Unity Regarding the Reopening of Churches in Oregon" endorsed by the Session of Multnomah Presbyterian Church

Our Session and COVID-19 Response Team have been working to discern next steps in the regathering process at MPC. At the September meeting of Session, our elders unanimously voted to suspend indoor, in-person gatherings at MPC through December 31st, 2020. 


For our congregation, this means:

  • Sunday worship will continue online, on Zoom through the end of 2020

  • Our facility will remain closed, with exceptions made for staff operations. When occupying the building, our staff will adhere to CDC guidelines including social distancing, proper hygiene, and wearing of face coverings.

  • Our staff and worship team will continue to seek creative and innovative approaches to online worship utilizing the Zoom platform.

  • We will continue to diversify our online offerings to connect the MPC family, and also to reach out to others beyond our community.


We share this update with heavy hearts that long to see you face-to-face and worship our Lord together in our sanctuary. We have made this decision thoughtfully and prayerfully, with an abundance of caution and a deep affection for our church family. Our primary consideration is (and will continue to be) the health and safety of our membership and the wider community. In the coming months, we will begin to see the cold/flu season converge with COVID-19, creating more challenges when it comes to safety and sanitation, particularly with indoor gatherings. Our staff and leaders will continue to seek creative and meaningful ways to connect our community in person, but for gathered worship, we felt it best to remain virtual. In addition, we are of the mindset that we can provide a more creative, dynamic, and robust worship experience online than we would be able to in-person. Our Session and our COVID-19 Response Team will revisit this decision on a monthly basis, and we encourage anyone with questions or comments to reach out to Pastor Danny or any member of our Session.


This has not been an easy season for any of us. For many of us, the MPC sanctuary is a sacred space, and gathered worship provides a great sense of comfort. But we are not closed. We will continue to meet for worship, fellowship, prayer, and study of Scripture (Acts 2:42). We will continue to seek Jesus together. We will continue to press on in faith in this time of unprecedented change--trusting in the One who never changes.


Together in Christ,


Pastor Danny Peters and the MPC Session




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Portland, OR 97219

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